About Us

We are a young and dynamic company based in Nairobi Kenya. Upande ltd specialises in GIS, WebGIS, general web development and mobile application development.

We have provided various high end services to many of our international and local clients over the past 3 years. Upande Ltd. was founded in 2009 to provide Internet, web mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) solutions to the market place to a diverse range of business clients, UN organizations, Government, Non-Governmental Organizations and the public sector.

Upande has a small but rapidly growing, closely knit team of experts in GIS, Internet mapping, environmental and social academics, business practitioners and IT experts in Web & Software Development, Mobile Apps Development and Project Management, operating as specialist consultants. We help organizations achieve high standards of mapping of social, ethical, infrastructural and environmental issues.

These include:-

Web Mapping – Google Maps/Earth API, OSM, KML, Fusion Tables, MapServer, GeoServer etc. GIS – Implementation, Analysis, Training, Digitization, Applications Development.

Application Developement – App engine, Android, Python, JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS

Data Collection – GPS, Open Street Map, Google Map Maker

Mobile Data Collection – Akvo-FLOW, ODK, Ushahidi, FrontlineSMS, JavaRosa

Content Management Systems – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress

Upande works towards the success of their clients

Here are some of our clients






World Bank

Here is what our clients say

"Upande is well known globally for their cutting edge technological solutions to common problems. They have seamlessly integrated map overlay data on schools, restaurants, banks into our Anza.co.ke real estate platform. Their world class standard is evident in all their work and they don't stop until they have delivered what was envisaged at the onset. I would highly recommend them to anyone keen not to get the best of what is currently available."

Jesse de Blois, Kontent.co.ke