Enugu Virtual Streets

Upande has recently further expanded its frontiers by taking on a project in Nigeria together with Benjamin Knight & Associates and the Ministry of Lands of Enugu State government. The project dubbed 'Enugu Virtual Streets' not only gives panoramic interactive navigation of the streets of Enugu, but also gives access to thousands of POIs (points of interest), land marks, business listings, etc. collected through partner company Global Geomatics. This data will be made accessible through a website and a series of apps for platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad and BlackBerry as well as through SMS.



We are happy to announce the signing of a contract through WWF for offering various technical services to the Integrated Water Resource Allocation Programme (IWRAP) project.

IWRAP was started to spearhead efforts to boost effective water regulation and governance, sustainable land and natural resource use, and sustainable development in the Lake Naivasha Basin and the catchment areas. IWRAP is funded by the Dutch Embassy of Nairobi and is a partnership involving WRMA, Imarisha, WWFDeltares and ITC

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"Upande is well known globally for their cutting edge technological solutions to common problems. They have seamlessly integrated map overlay data on schools, restaurants, banks into our real estate platform. Their world class standard is evident in all their work and they don't stop until they have delivered what was envisaged at the onset. I would highly recommend them to anyone keen not to get the best of what is currently available."

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