Human Sensor Web

The Human Sensor Web (HSW) is pioneered by a consortium of three partners: the Faculty of GeoInformation Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente, Twente Institute of Mobile Communications and the 52North. Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH. Originally developed through the h2.0 consortium.

Upande has been mandated with setting up a quick deployment of the various open source components as used in HSW in order for it to be tested and applied more easily.

Water Quality Android App

UN-Habitat has been a client of Upande for several years. The latest work we are rounding off for them is an updated h2.0 platform, soon to be upgraded to Besides an updated Content Management System (CMS) we will be pushing two new Google Fusion Tables based dashboards, as well as a Water Quality Android App. 

The WQApp is a customization of Open Data Kit and integrates an automated bacteria count algorithm developed by RHOK developers in Canada. The development of this application has been put on hold as the bacteria count algorithm software development has taken off through a product called mWater.

mWater is a social enterprise dedicated to the application of emerging technologies to water and sanitation issues in low-resource communities. For more information, visit www.mWater.Co and follow @mWaterCo on Twitter.

ZanaAfrica Android App

ZanaAfrica is a non profit organisation whose mission is to craft tools to address the root cause of poverty. These tools are connected to education, health, and environment with a particular focus on gender and technology.

Upande is building an online coordinating set of tools for ZanaA sanitary pad distributions, girls' attendance and performance tracking. The tools will be piloted in the Nairobi area, though aimed to scale to the rest of the country. This online mechanism will facilitate monitoring and evaluation of sanitary pad distribution to female students in formal and informal schools in Kenya.

The first version of the App can be found here, as well as information over partners and results thus far!

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What we offer

Upande is an innovative GIS firm based in Nairobi Kenya offering largely Open Source based Geographical Information Systems based solutions to local and international clients. Click here to read more about some of our recent work.


Sanitary Pad App