With the number of freely available GIS datasets and mobile apps growing yearly, particularly in the African setting, custodians of the data in charge of planning and monitoring need powerful and scalable tools to be able to use and keep these datasets up to date.

Though every country/country has its own needs, generic tools for basic query and visualization of information at various geographic levels is required by most organisations. Key asset tracking of pipes, meters and valves is of utmost importance to water companies and water boards.

Upande is developing a modular suite of tools that can be licensed by county governments. The platform dubbed CountyGIS consists of local and optional mobile and cloud based components.

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"Upande is well known globally for their cutting edge technological solutions to common problems. They have seamlessly integrated map overlay data on schools, restaurants, banks into our real estate platform. Their world class standard is evident in all their work and they don't stop until they have delivered what was envisaged at the onset. I would highly recommend them to anyone keen not to get the best of what is currently available."

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