Water Sanitation Hygiene Management Information System (WaSHMIS) is a cost effective, scalable, interoperable system aimed at improving service delivery by Water Service Providers (WSPs) in Kenya and beyond by providing a low cost modular tool for monitoring and managing Non Revenue Water (NRW). It is an integrated product that enables water utilities to make smart data driven decisions by providing data through remote water logging, data collection apps, data presentation dashboards, integration with billing systems and GIS unlike traditional forms of gathering data and non integrated modules in the market. 

WaSHMIS provides a centralized system consisting of;

  1. GIS Module - GIS data on WSPs’ infrastructure is accessed, tracked, updated and managed through a browser.
  2. Dashboard Module - Water flows, pressures, levels, quality at targeted points within the network are monitored remotely through a dashboard with dynamic interactive charts that enable the user to determine daily average, maximum and minimum values of the water parameter that is of interest to them.
  3. Alert Module - SMS/Email alerts are generated and sent to the technical team when pre-defined flow or pressure thresholds are exceeded or not met.
  4. Job Card Module - A smartphone based job card system for assigning and reporting tasks among the team.
  5. WaSHMIS Collect App -  A smartphone based data collection App that interfaces with Upande’s cloud WaSHMIS server to the water service provider’s local instance.

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