App Development

Upande is currently developing several smartphone apps for various of our customers. This includes native Android applications as well as applications developed using a framework ensuring they will run on most conventional operating systems (Android, iOS, Nokia).

If you are considering to have an app developed, do not hesitate to contact us.

Upande is powering map services for new real estate platform

What we offer

Upande is an innovative GIS firm based in Nairobi Kenya offering largely Open Source based Geographical Information Systems based solutions to local and international clients. Click here to read more about some of our recent work.


Sanitary Pad App

Data collection

 Why not consider smart phone data collection and monitor data online as it comes in?

GIS Training

Upande is currently actively developing WASHGIS based systems and is offering training modules particularly in Open Source GIS applications such as QGIS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS for the local and international market.