The Human Sensor Web (HSW) was implemented in Zanzibar by the Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) with two local partners: Zantel, the mobile telephone company partly owned by the Government of Zanzibar and Inet, a local Internet Service Provider. HSW is a part of the h2.0 initiative of Google.org and UN-Habitat.



Water For People has invested in the development of a powerful data gathering and project monitoring tool known as FLOW (Field Level Operations Watch). FLOW development has now been transferred to AKVO.org.

FLOW uses questionnaires loaded onto an Android smartphone, linking to a powerful online database.

Upande is currently providing a FLOW implementation in Kenya for SNV and can advise on any potential applications you may need.





Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open-source set tools which help organisations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions. ODK provides an out-of-the-box solution for users to:

  • Build a data collection form or survey;
  • Collect the data on a mobile device and send it to a server;
  • Aggregate the collected data on a server and extract it in useful formats.
Upande provides services either in customised forms for data collection, as well as highly customised ODK applications tailored for your organisations' needs.


EpiSurveyor is another popular smart phone based data collection tool that can be highly customised and runs on different platforms. Upande is able to offer services in collecting data using this platform or advise on what platform is best for your specific needs.


Upande is powering map services for new real estate platform Anza.co.ke

What we offer

Upande is an innovative GIS firm based in Nairobi Kenya offering largely Open Source based Geographical Information Systems based solutions to local and international clients. Click here to read more about some of our recent work.


Sanitary Pad App

Data collection

 Why not consider smart phone data collection and monitor data online as it comes in?

GIS Training

Upande is currently actively developing WASHGIS based systems and is offering training modules particularly in Open Source GIS applications such as QGIS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS for the local and international market.

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