Our COVID-19 Map-out

As data and GIS enthusiasts and providers, we are keeping people informed about COVID-19 in Kenya, and Kenya’s progress in its containment. Maps are a powerful way of communicating data; citizens and policymakers are able to see the country in perspective – which is better than just words, names of places, and numbers.

Our maps are shaded variously according to the number of cases confirmed in each location – of infections, death, or recovery. You can rely on our representation because we publish only accurate, verified, verifiable, and current information – which is our core discipline as data scientists and GIS providers.

Which is more, our maps tell a story – they’re not just information. They tell a story of resilience and hope – that though we are met with an enemy we do not yet understand, we, Kenyans and human beings, are rising to the challenge to contain it, and one day the map will be free of COVID-19 again.

Soon we will give you comparative studies on how Kenya is responding compared against other countries at our stage – this, we believe, will shed light on what lessons to learn, and what adjustments we need to make at both societal and individual levels.

It goes without saying, therefore that these maps are just as important to policymakers as they are to you at home; they are just as important to us as a society as they are to organisations needing to make decisions from GIS.

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