Smart asset management in a click

Our vision is to enable every individual and organization reduce losses and achieve sustainable optimal performance through smart asset management.

Our Solution

Since 2009 we have been developing digital platforms which track assets including facilities, businesses, farms, utilities and key infrastructure. Every asset is digitized, can be monitored, maintained and accounted for in our platforms.
Smart devices collect live data on the conditions in the field and can be used to trigger changes remotely. This gives our customers the power to manage operations from anywhere in the world from the palm of their hand.
Our sensor platform enables our customers manage their assets on a prepaid basis, bringing them positive cash flow, saving time and money on revenue collection and avoiding disconnection / reconnection efforts.
Our modular platform is powered by IoT (Internet of Things), GIS (Geographic Information Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), drones, blockchain, machine learning and mobile payment systems.
Our technology is made in Africa, for Africa.