Upande Ltd | We are the wizards in GIS, Internet of Things (IoT), apps and software development.
We are the wizards in GIS, Internet of Things (IoT), apps and software development
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Who we are

With the advancements of technology and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) in particular, governance of key processes and business operations can increasingly be done based on verifiable data. Upande’s work revolves around smart, transformative, reliable data driven, innovative solutions. This is reflected in our own products, such as Washmis and Vipimo, as well as in our data centric services.
The granularity of the data required by our customers varies. Whether some will be adequately supplied with coarse satellite imagery with an overpass frequency of 10 days, others demand calibrated sensors that relay key parameters of environmental indicators from every corner of their facilities. Some customers require data coming in at various resolutions and from several streams, with an understanding of what their combined values means for their operations.

Our Products

Vipimo is our Internet of Things (IoT) solution which enables our customers to get remote readings of various sensors straight from the field to the comfort of their phone or computer.
Water Sanitation Hygiene Management Information System (WaSHMIS) is a set of integrated products that enable water utilities to make smart data driven decisions in an efficient and cost effective manner. More specifically, WaSHMIS turns water data into insights by collecting, transmitting, analyzing and visualizing hydraulic data (flow, pressure and level), quality data (chlorine and PH) and customer data from sensors and apps deployed across the water distribution system.
Samaki (alpha)
Samaki (alpha) is our digital aquaculture value chain platform aimed at transforming the sector with efficiency, networking, data and sustainable growth for all stakeholders.
Drones.ke offers professional, multispectral, orthophoto and surface based modelling solutions to customers across Kenya.

Our Partners


Happy new year from our entire team

 may our data-driven solutions help you reduce losses,
increase revenue and generate sustainable wealth.

                                                    Happy 2020