Why Real-time management?

With the advance of technology, it is now possible to run your utility in real-time. By having integrated digital tools that cover all parts of your operations, you are now able to get live data on the production, operations, billing, from an integrated dashboard. This includes real-time sensors on both water quantity and quality.

Getting started on Reducing Losses

A continuous challenge for utilities in Africa is getting losses below acceptable levels. 25% Non Revenue Water (NRW) is already a high goal for many. This can only be achieved by tackling both commercial & physical losses. Synchronising what is in the field with what is in the database is the first step. Smart meters and Internet of Things (IOT) sensors can help utilities tackle physical losses in real-time. Upande has all of the tools to address these types of losses, one fix at a time, by empowering your team with data driven decisions.

Having your billing database in order

A Customer Identification Survey (CIS) is a full sweep clean up exercise of customer information. In the process, we help you identify potential customers, identify issues, analyse, after which corrective actions are carried out to reduce data inconsistencies.

Billing Module

We have developed a full billing tool for registering customers, billing them, fully integrated with our core UpandeERP cloud based software.

Meter Reading App

The cross platform, offline meter reading app based on metering routes for zonal measurements, with photo and GPS functionality


All smart software solutions seamlessly integrate with our core UpandeERP cloud based software.

Besides the standard ERP modules which you can expect (bookkeeping, accounts, payroll, hr, projects, stock, crm, etc.) we have Asset Management. Plan for preventative maintenance of your pipes, valves, etc. and assign ToDos to your technical team straight from our ERP!

Get the Internet of Things for real-time field data

Enrich your database with live data from the field through Upande Sensors, our Internet of Things (IOT) product suite. Don’t waste precious time and valuable resources by having to read devices manually in all corners of your coverage area, whilst they could be reporting to you 24/7/365.


Water Quantity

Be in the know of where water is flowing, being stored and where it is being consumed.


Water Quality

Be 100% convinced that the water you are serving is fit for human consumption.


Power Management Quantity

Take control over your huge power bill with our sensors.


Big Data & Analytics

See the bigger picture behind the data through our SCADA dashboards powered by machine learning!

What are our utility customers saying about us?

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Your full service partner

We don’t leave you stranded to figure out how to best use our smart solutions. We have our virtual and physical assistants on standby to ensure your mission critical processes are running as smoothly as possible, in real time!

We achieve this through Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We agree on a weekly number of hours in which we are just a quick phone call away. Ensuring no bottlenecks develop in your workflow.

Starting at as low as $50 per month