Tracking every drop of water and every cent through smart asset management + data for water & sanitation utilities



A digital tool for analyzing COVID-19 (RNA) and other variants in wastewater based samples, GIS integrated

Meter Reading

Simple module for manual data entry, optional live readings via UpandeFlow, UpandeWhatsAppBot.


A billing solution for generating customer bills in a click of a button from the meter reading module


A full sweep clean up exercise of customer information. In the process, WSPS identify potential customers, identify issues, analyse, after which corrective actions are carried out to reduce data inconsistencies.


A report that shows water that has been produced and is lost before it reaches the customer, linked and calculated from the Upande bulk meter and Upande domestic meter.


An automated conversational software integrated with the messaging app using WhatsApp API, Telegram API, and or Messangers API

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