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  • Many businesses have their functions (such as marketing, finance, HR, operations, procurement) run on softwares designated to those functions. This has helped them manage their processes and tasks more

  • You put a lot of resources into your business, and you expect that every part or unit produces projected results. Many times the output ‘underperforms’ the expectation because of various inefficiencies

  • As data and GIS enthusiasts and providers, we are keeping people informed about COVID-19 in Kenya, and Kenya’s progress in its containment. Maps are a powerful way of communicating data; citizens and p

  • There are too many articles and discussions titled with the same theme as this, and like you we’ve found little value in them. They are generic. And You almost feel like you could guess what would be s

  • Near realtime statistics and tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, and death toll due to the COVID-19 coronavirus from Upande Hover or move the mouse over the map to an individual

  • At Upande we are big fans of maps and everything related to spatial data. Maps are a form of data visualisation that can help bring out the story in data. For example on the number of available beds in