smart asset management + data for property management

Water Meters

Automatically read water meters remotely of your tenants, part of your facilities

Water Level

Get automatic alerts on the amount of water you have in storage from any location

Door Sensor

Track movements of personnel and goods automatically

Meter Reading

Simple module for manual data entry, optional live readings via UpandeFlow, UpandeWhatsAppBot.


A billing solution for generating customer bills in a click of a button from the meter reading module

Custom Modules

What are your pain points as a property manager? Contact us and we can discuss how we can work together!


All smart software solutions seamlessly integrate with our core UpandeERP cloud based software.


Integrate your operational data with live sensor data from the field. Ensure optimal conditions in your farm with our sensor module.


Have our actual and virtual experts be on standby 24/7/365 through a Service Level Agreement, tailored for you.

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Starting at as low as $50 per month