QGIS services

QGIS is an open source, freely downloadable and distributable professional desktop GIS package. It has an active developer and user community. It’s robust, well-supported and integrates extremely well with other open source tools such as PostGreSQL/PostGIS and GeoServer. As such it is a valuable component of your Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).
QGIS handles all standard GIS formats such as shapefile, KML and MapInfo TAB file, GeoPackage as well as many less well-used ones.


  1. Fast developing, easy to learn, multi-platform, available in many languages
  2. Heavily customizable, free and open-source (read: legal), lower TOC
  3. Modular, with new components and modules being added every day
  4. Stable, active user base, bugs fixed by community in short time
  5. Fast and performs processes in a small amount of time than the proprietary equivalent

What do we offer?

  1. Training on QGIS, GeoNode, SDI, open data
  2. Custom QGIS curriculum development
  3. Custom QGIS plugin development
  4. QGIS for water companies (Washmis)