Imagine Your Entire Complex Business On One Platform

You put a lot of resources into your business, and you expect that every part or unit produces projected results. Many times the output ‘underperforms’ the expectation because of various inefficiencies within the business that result from not being able to track all business operations, processes, decisions, and outcomes.

This was a powerful realisation to us over two years ago; so we sought a way to account for every asset, operation, project, process, decision, and outcome, and to help us visually see our performance in each and every part of the company.

More than 2 years later, every member of our team can log in our upandeERP and see anything going on in the company that is relevant to them. So you can imagine that when COVID-19 came, we could easily switch to work-from-home mode – we were implementing it already anyway.

upandeERP has served us exceptionally well, because it has various modules – HRM, CRM, Accounting, Projects, internal staff communications, Procurement, among others – that help us to seamlessly work remotely on a single platform and literally manage our company on it.

As often we want, upandeERP can generate a report on any department or function of the company; and two that have really come into focus during this COVID-19 period are Projects and CRM, because we want to make sure that all our efforts go into the right things to produce the right results for us to serve customers well right now.

We’re talking about it in this article because it has been a transformational experience for us – giving us live, actionable data for effective decision- making; and as we promised in this blog article, we are sharing practical, tactical, and effective ways of cutting losses, reducing costs, and increasing revenue during this unusual economic period.

In fact, we have extended this transformational experience to our clients in various industries and in various ways. Early this year we had the pleasure of customising upandeERP for a government ministry so they could track their operation and allocate resources more efficiently.

We have been particularly determined to serve businesses so they can thrive in spite of the disruption brought about by COVID-19, and we have successfully done so with retail clients and now have our eyes set on empowering e-commerce businesses in the same fashion.

We are particularly excited about our work with farmers and agribusinesses. We want to help boost productivity and profitability in agriculture and agribusinesses especially now that food security is a concern. We will soon share with you the outcome of our work with farmers and agribusinesses which kicked off this month.

With this kind of tool, businesses can do much more than they ordinarily can while still saving costs; for instance, instead of buying different softwares for HRM, CRM, project management, and other functions, our clients can simply log into a single platform from which every member of the team can achieve their goals.

We are willing to give you a free demo to see just how powerful upandeERP is; there is no catch or hidden ask. You make the decision after that whether you want your business to take that direction.

We can’t leave without addressing the all-concerning question of this century – privacy and data security; what happens to all the data and all the documents you drive through the platform? They are stored and secured on cloud. This gives you the benefit of safety, historicity, traceability, verifiability, and security.

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