Practical Business Survival in Coronavirus Crisis

There are too many articles and discussions titled with the same theme as this, and like you we’ve found little value in them. They are generic. And You almost feel like you could guess what would be said next. We’re doing something different.

We are not business consultants, so we’re not trying to get attention for advice. We are a tech company, and at its core that means that we are naturally savvy and making life easier is our business. So what we’ll share is practical, tactical, and specific – to help you cut costs, reduce losses, and increase productivity and profitability.

Right now you have little flexibility to move around and watch different aspects and assets of your business, and many of your staff are either working from home or working in shifts. There are threats of economic paralysis, or worse, a looming lockdown. At this time, you therefore want to make sure that all activities in your business are revenue-generating.

We’ve innovated to make sure you can now do these from the comfort of your home or office: You can remotely track and monitor every aspect and asset of your business without moving around; this includes your utilities – you can track your consumption, costs, and need for maintenance- our Vipimo sensors can help you with this and help you make strategic cost decisions. You can have your teams collaborate on important projects without sending numerous emails or losing time or track; even better, you can track and manage every key function of your business (Accounting, HR, CRM, and more) digitally on one platform from which your entire team can work even from home – our upandeERP suite has proven to be powerful in transforming businesses in that regard.

Interesting? Yet we’re just getting started.

For the next 10 days we will dive into the specifics of managing each aspect of your business, to cut costs, reduce losses, and increase productivity and profitability.

Stay tuned and journey with us.

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